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Electricity and magnetism

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AC circuit symbols AC theory 1 AC Theory 2 Aluminium strips Ampere balance Back emf Ball and plates Barkhausen effect Bath and parallel circuits Batteries Capacitative circuits Capacitors 1 Capacitors 2 Capacitor charges on plates Capacitor - guard ring Capacitor electron flow Capacitor parallel plate and guard ring Capacitor reed switch Capacitor structure Capacitor variable air Carbon granule microphone Catapult field Cat and electrostatics Charged shapes field lines Charge distribution Coils Conduction Conductivity of glass. CR circuit Digital meter Domain theory Dynamo bicycle Electrical circuits Electrical circuit symbols Electrical conduction 1 Electrical conduction 2 Electrical oscillations Electrical symbols 1 Electrical symbols 2 Electrical symbols 3 Electrical circuits and symbols Electricity John Marshall Electric bell Electric drill Electric fields Electric fields 2 Electric fields apparatus Electric fields plotting Electric field intensity and potential Electric motor 1 Electric motor 2 Electric motor 3 Electric motors Electric motor - simple Electrolysis Electrolysis and salt Electromagnetic damping Electromagnetic fields Electromagnetic fields Electromagnetic induction 1 Electromagnetic induction 2 Electromagnetic induction 3 Electromagnetic induction moving wire Electromagnetic pump Electromagnetic separator Electromagnetic Spectrum Electromagnetism Electromagnetism Suspended coil Electromagnets Electromagnets 2 Electromagnets 3 Electromagnets 4 Electromagnet symbols Electrons in wires Electron steeplechase Electroscope charges Electrostatics Electrostatic fields Electrostatic pe Energy in capacitors Equipotentials Equipotentials Equipotential uniform field Field and potential Filament oscillation Flemings left hand rule Flow of charge Forces between currents Force on a current Force on current in a magnetic field Generator ac Generator dc Generator - waveform Gold leaf electroscope Hall effect Hot wire ammeter House electrical circuit Hysteresis loops Ignition circuit Induction coil Inductive circuits Internal resistance Ions in flame Jumping ring LDR LDR brightness of a lamp LDR section characteristics Lemons and LED Lemon battery Lie detector Light bulbs Light output from a bulb Linear induction motor Lorentz rotating disc Loudspeaker Magnetic field - bar magnet Magnetic field plotting compasses Magnetism 2 Magnets Magnets 2 Magnets repulsion Magnet Eclipse major Melting nail Meter 1 Meter 2 Metre bridge circuit Metre wire bridge Molecular magnets Mouse in cornfield Moving rod Moving wire in a magnetic field Repulsion between nails Ohm Platinum resistance thermometer Platinum resistance thermometer (detail) Plotting fields Polarity of coil Potential and field Potential divider Potential divider circuits Potential round a circuit Potential well Potentiometer Potentiometer circuits Power lines Rectification Reed switch Relay Resistance and water flow Resistance of a light bulb Rheostat Rotating coil Rotating coil Search coil Separated coils Series and parallel bulbs Shaded pole motor 1 Shaded pole motor 2 Simple generator Spot galvanometer Static electricity Swinging plate Switches Microphone Thunder cloud Torque on a coil in a magnetic field Transformer 1 Transformer 2 Transformer 3 Transmission of electricity Tuned circuits Radio Uniform and radial electric fields Van de Graaff dome Van de Graaff experiments Van de Graaff generator 1 Van de Graaff generator 2 Variation of current with voltage VI curves Voltmeter Ammeter Solenoid proof Wheatstone bridge
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