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Every effort has been made to see that the experiments suggested on this site and in the accompanying CD are safe with warnings given at appropriate places.

However it is the responsibility of the experimenter to take the necessary precautions and the author of this site does not accept any responsibility for any injuries caused as a result of carrying out any piece of practical work mentioned therein.


Welcome to schoolphysics

Schoolphysics online is freely available to all

This is an invaluable resource base for all 11 to 19 year old Physics students and their teachers.

You can also buy an electronic version of 'The New Resourceful Physics Teacher' book and a complete version of the Schoolphysics website on a USB memory stick - see below for details.

New Resourceful Physics Teacher book cover

The New Resourceful Physics Teacher eBook

Creative ideas and experiments for Physics teaching.
No longer available in print, you can now get the full content of the book on USB memory stick.

Price: £22 incl. post and packing

Complete Website Offline Version

The full content of this website is available on USB memory stick for you to view offline.
This includes answers to the 3000 problems on the site, a sample of the New Resourceful Physics Teacher experiments, lesson plans, tests and answers, data projector sheets and all the online material with the exception of Photographic images.

Price: £35.00


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