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Wave properties

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Absorption of radiation Absorption spectrum Beats and pulses CD laser reading system Diffraction Diffraction effects 1 Diffraction effects 2 Diffraction effects 3 Diffraction effects Intermediate 1 Diffraction effects Intermediate 2 Diffraction grating 1 Diffraction grating 2 Diffraction obstacles Doppler duck Doppler effect 2 Doppler effect 4 Doppler effect microwaves Dopler effect - whistle and funnel Doppler shifted spectrum Double slit interference pattern Fixed end pulse Free end pulse Fresnel bi prism GHz oscillations Helical spring - suspended helical spring suspended 2 Interference 1 Interference 2 Interference from two slits 5 Interference from two slits 1 Interference from two slits 2 Interference from two slits 3 Interference from two slits 4 Interference waves sine Wedge fringes and gun damping Lissajous figures and damped shm Malus law Microwaves Microwaves apparatus Modulation Modulation and demodulation 1 Modulation and demodulation 2 Newtons Rings Non-reflecting coatings Path length in different materials Phase Phase change on reflection Polarimeter Polarisation 1 Polarisation by scattering Polarisation rotation Polariser and analyser 3D waves P and S waves Radar speed trap Reflection and refraction wave fronts Reflection wave fronts Resolution Resonance curve Ripple tank 1 Ripple tank 2 Semicircles and reflection Semicircles and refraction Sine waves Sine wave 3D Single Slit Diffraction 1 Single slit diffraction 2 Single slit diffraction 3 Standing waves and a toothbrush Standing waves using flames Stationary waves in a box Superposition Thin film interference Total internal reflection wave theory Vibrating string Vibrating strings Vibration generator Vibration generators Water waves Wavelength and temperature Wavelength by diffraction Waves in a ripple tank Waves reflection refraction Wave superposition 1 Wave superposition 2 Waves superposition 3 Wave forms saw tooth etc Wave tank Wave theory of Huygens Wedge fringes Young's slits apparatus
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