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Schoolphysics videos

The most recent venture in schoolphysics is a set of short videos of experiments based on those from my book 'The New Resourceful Physics Teacher'. The initial collection of these is shown in the following table with links to the various videos that I have produced on You Tube.

Over the next few months I will be adding to these with the help of the Science Department at one of our local secondary schools who have very kindly offered me the use of one of their laboratories.

Any suggestions and comments will be gratefully received. Please use the 'contact us' bar on the home page of this site.

Title Link
Air pressure and a plastic bottle Air pressure - plastic bottle
Air pressure in a submerged beaker Air pressure - submerged beaker
Balancing forks Balancing forks
Balancing forks 2015 Balancing forks 2015
Balancing magnets Balancing magnets
Barbie and a Van de Graaff Barbie
Beer mug and handkerchief Beer mug
Bending your back Bending your back
Braking force of a toy car Braking force
Car tyres and spinning jellies Car tyres and spinning jellies
Cardboard horseshoe puzzle Horseshoe
Circular motion and a coat hanger Coat hanger
Circular motion 2015 Coat hanger 2015
Coat hanger and circular motion Coat hanger
Colliding power balls Colliding power balls
Cup cake holders and a Van de Graaff Cup cake holders
Diamond and glass Diamond and glass
Falling magnet Falling magnet
Frogs and sound Frogs and sound
Galileo's diluted gravity Diluted gravity
Holly's passion pen Holly's passion pen
Lath and newspaper Lath and newspaper
Light sensitive rodent Beaver
Magic propellor Horseshoe
Making a paper glider Paper glider
Milk bottle and table tennis ball Bottle and ball
Musical box amplification Musical box
Musical tube Musical tube
Oscillating beaker and contents Oscillating beaker
Paper clip and rubber band Paper clip
Parallel circuit puzzle Parallel circuit puzzle
Plasma globe Plasma globe
Radiometer Radiometer
Raisins and lemonade Raisins
Rolling spool Rolling spool
Rubber band powered vehicle Crawler vehicle
Rubber band reversing gravity Reversing gravity
Seasons Seasons
Seasons 2015 Seasons 2015
Simple electric motor Electric motor
Spinning jelly Spinning jelly
Spinning sparklers Spinning sparklers
Spring and beaker amplification Spring and beaker
Standing waves Standing waves
Sundials Sundials
Sundials 2 Sundials 2
Sunset in a tank Sunset
Sunset in a tank (end view) Sunset (end view)
Tea bag Tea bag
Two candles Two candles
Water pressure Water pressure
Waves on a string Waves on a string
Wooden spoon Wooden spoon
Woodpecker Woodpecker


Please see the apparatus file for details of the equipment required for each experiment.

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