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Outer planets

This page contains data for the outer planets.
For the Sun and the inner planets see: Sun and inner planets
For the whole solar system see: Planetary data
For general astronomical data see: Astronomical data


Mean radius   71.4x106m
Mass   1.9x1027 kg
Distance from Sun   7.8x1011m = 43 light mins = 5.2 AU
Surface gravity   24.9 ms-2
Day length   9.84 hours
Year length   11.9 Earth years


Mean radius (planet)   60.4x106m
Mass   5.7x1026 kg
Distance from Sun   1.43x1012m = 79 light mins = 9.5 AU
Surface gravity   10.4 ms-2
Day length   10.23 hours
Year length   29.5 Earth years


Mean radius   25.4x106m
Mass   8.67x1025 kg
Distance from Sun   2.87x1012m = 2.7 light hours = 19.2 AU
Surface gravity   10.4 ms-2
Day length   17.24 hours (R)
Year length   84.0 Earth years


Mean radius   24.3x106m
Mass   1.0x1026 kg
Distance from Sun   4.5x1012m = 4.2 light hours = 30.0 AU
Surface gravity   13.8 ms-2
Day length   18.4 hours
Year length   164.8 Earth years

Pluto (now classified as a minor planet)

Mean radius   1.13x106m
Mass   1.2x1022 kg
Distance from Sun   5.9x1012m = 5.46 light hours = 39 AU
Surface gravity   0.29 ms-2
Day length   6.39 days (R)
Year length   248.5 Earth years
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