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Some ideas about answering Physics questions

Read the question carefully
Decide on the area of Physics to which the question refers
Decide if you need a formula and if so which one
Use a diagram if it helps your answer but make sure that it is fully labelled

Some suggestions to help you through the exam.

(a) Read all instructions on the paper carefully.
(b) Read the paper carefully
(c) Choose the questions very carefully if there is a choice.
(d) Set yourself time limits for various parts.
(e) Notice if the marks allotted are shown on the paper.
(f) Don't make silly arithmetical errors or leave off units.
(g) Make sure the examiner can read your writing
(h) Cross out errors.
(i) Show your working out except in multiple choice papers.
(j) Work carefully in practical exams.
(k) Check your work at the end if you have time
(l) Don't rush and don't panic!

Good Luck!
© Keith Gibbs 2012