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Masses, lengths and times

The following list gives the orders of magnitude of a whole range of distances, masses and times throughout the Universe.

'Diameter' of a sub nuclear particle 10-15 m
Distance across an atom 10-10 m = 0.1 nm
Distance a fingernail grows in 1s 10-9 m = 1 nm
Wavelength of yellow light 6x10-7 m = 600 nm
Diameter of a human hair 5x10-6 m = 50 mm
World record long jump (man 2010) 8.95 m
Height of an adult 1.75 m
Length of a marathon (approximately) 40 000 m = 40 km
Distance of the Earth from the Sun 150x109 m
Distance light travels in a year 1016 m = 1013 km
Radius of the observable universe 1025 m
Mass of an electron 10-30 kg
Mass of a person 100 kg
Mass of a small car 1000 kg
Mass of a diesel locomotive (average) 50 000 kg
Mass of the Earth 6x1024 kg
Mass of the Sun 2x1030 kg
Mass of the Universe 1050 kg
Time for light to cross a nucleus 10-23 s
One 'beat' of the clock in a 'fast' PC 10-9 = 1 ns
One heart beat 1 s
World record for 100m (man 2010) 9.58 s
Time to boil an egg 100 s
Length of a football match 1025 m
A school morning 10 000 s
One day 8.64x104 s
One year 3.2x107 s
'Average' human lifetime 2.5x109 years
Time for our galaxy to rotate once 7x1015 s = 2x108 years
Age of the Universe 1018 s

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