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History of Physics and Astronomy

This version sorts the important events by name. The lifetimes of people are highlighted in blue, important people are in bold blue.


Ultra microscope 1903
Ultra violet - Ritter 1801
Ultra violet observations of the Sun by rockets 1951
Uncertainty principle Heisenberg 1927
Unified field theory Einstein 1955
Units rationalised system Heaviside 1892
University College London founded 1827
Uranium isolation by Eugene-Melchoir Peligot 1841
Uranium discovered 1798
Uranus discovered Herschel 1781

V particle discovered 1947
Van de Graaff generator 1931
Van der Waals 1837- 1923
Van der Waals equation 1872
Vanguard I 1958
Variable star Mira Ceti was the first to be observed 1638
Venus transit of Venus observed 1769
Vernier 1580-1637
Vesta - third asteroid discovered - Heinrich Olbers 1807
Viscosity - Jean d'Alembert 1752
Volta 1745-1827
Voltaic pile 1800
Von Laue 1879-1960
Voyager space probes pass Saturn 1980
Voyager spacecraft discovers the rings of Jupiter 1979
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