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History of Physics and Astronomy

This version sorts the important events by name. The lifetimes of people are highlighted in blue, important people are in bold blue.


Observatory constructed - Tycho 1576
Ohm 1787-1854
Ohm's Law 1826
Olbers' paradox why is the sky dark?1823
Oliver Twist published 1838
Omega minus discovered - Barnes 1964
Oppenheimer 1904-1967
Optical disk for the storage of computer data developed 1984
Optical interferometer - Albert Michelson 1881
Opticks first edition published - Newton 1704 (?1717)
Origin of the Earth 4.5x109 years
Origin of the Species - Darwin 1859
Oxygen liquefied 1892- 1894
Oxygen liquefied Pictet 1877
Ozone hole over the Antarctic detected 1985
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