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History of Physics and Astronomy

This version sorts the important events by name. The lifetimes of people are highlighted in blue, important people are in bold blue.


Nagasaki nuclear bomb 1945
Naperian logarithms 1614
Napier's bones 1617
National debt founded 1693
Nature of Saturn's rings - James Clerk Maxwell 1857
Nautical almanac 1767
Nautilus (nuclear submarine) launched 1954
Neptune discovered Adams and Leverrier, Johanne Galle 1846
Neptunium discovered 1940
Neutrino - Pauli 1931
Neutrino (nm) discovered 1961
Neutrino theory of beta decay 1934
Neutrino detected Reines and Cowan 1953
Neutron Chadwick 1932
Neutron diffraction 1936
Neutron diffraction Zinn 1947
Newcomen 1663-1729
Newton 1642- 1727
Newtonian bending of light by the Sun predicted Johann von Soldner 1801
Newtonian reflector 1671
Newton's law of cooling 1701
Newton's rings 1665 (?1704)
Nicol prism 1829
Nipkow disc 1884
Nobel died 1896
Nobel prizes instituted 1901
Non conservation of parity Lee and Yang 1956
Non-isotropic cosmic background radiation detected 1981
Nuclear aircraft carrier USS Enterprise in service 1961
Nuclear atom theory Rutherford 1911
Nuclear batteries 1956
Nuclear breeder reactor 1952
Nuclear explosion first nuclear explosion Alamogordo desert in the USA 1945
Nuclear force theory Yukawa 1935
Nuclear power station - Calder Hall began operation 1956
Nuclear power station Calder Hall officially opened by the Queen 1961
Nuclear power stations Bradwell and Berkeley built 1962
Nuclear power stations Dungeness A, Hinkley Point A, Trawsfyndd 1965
Nuclear power station - Oldbury 1966
Nuclear power station - Sizewell 1966
Nuclear powered aircraft carrier USS Savannah 1959
Nuclear reactor fast reactor - Dounreay at 60 MW 1966
Nuclear test ban treaty signed 1963
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