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History of Physics and Astronomy

This version sorts the important events by name. The lifetimes of people are highlighted in blue, important people are in bold blue.


Ice blocks rubbed together gives heat energy - Davy 1799
Image of a quasar doubled by gravitational lensing 1979
Impossibility of observation of contraction - Terrell 1959
Inductance self and mutual Henry 1829
Inflationary early universe Alan Guth 1981
Infra red Lummer and Pringsheim 1897
Infra red radiation - Herschel 1800
Ingen Hauz 1730-1799
Interference first mentioned by Young 1799
Interference rediscovered by Fresnel 1815
Interference fringes surface map of a material - Laurent 1886
Interferometer Fabry-Perot 1897
Internal combustion engine 1860
Inverse square law for force between electric charges Joseph Priestley 1766
Inverse square law for magnetic fields John Michell 1750
Inverse square law of gravity Robert Hooke 1678
Ion drive spacecraft launched to the Moon 2003
Ionosphere detected by reflected radio waves - Appleton 1925
Iron Smelting 1400 BC
Island universes proposed - Kant 1755
Isotopes Soddy 1913
Isotopes of oxygen discovered in nature 1929
Isotope separation - Urey 1940

James Black fluid theory of heat 1728-1799
Jansky 1905- 1950
Jet aircraft first British jet aircraft flew 1941
Jodrell Bank 250' radio telescope 1957
Joly differential steam calorimeter 1886
Josephson junction 1962
Joule 1818-1889
Joule-Kelvin experiment 1845
Joule-Thompson effect 1852
Jupiter's satellites discovered Galileo 1610
Jupiter 12th satellite discovered 1952
Jupiter fly-by by Voyagers 1 and 2 1979
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