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History of Physics and Astronomy

1500 AD to 1599 AD

This section shows the important events in Physics and Astronomy from 1500 AD years until 1599 AD. The names of people are highlighted in blue, important people are in bold blue.

1510 Helicopter design Leonardo da Vinci
1519-1522 Magellan sails round the world
1543 Copernican system published
1544-1603 Gilbert
1546-1601 Tycho
1560 Eclipse of the Sun
1560 First scientific society founded in Naples Della Porta
1564-1642 Galileo
1571-1630 Kepler
1572 Supernova in Cassiopeia observed by Tycho
1576 Observatory constructed Tycho
1576 Stars scattered through space Thomas Digges
1580-1637 Vernier
1581 Galileo studies medicine in Pisa
1581 Pendulum theory Galileo (?1582)
1590 g same for lead and wax spheres Stevin de Groot
1591 Pisa - weights dropped from the tower by Galileo (?)
1591-1626 Snell, Willebrod
1596 Mira variable star observed by David Fabricius
1596-1650 Descartes
1597 Air thermometer Galileo
1598-1647 Cavalieri lens makers formula
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