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Electrostatics and everyday life

1. When you take off a pullover over a nylon shirt there is a crackling sound
2. A pen rubbed with a piece of cloth will pick up small pieces of paper
3. A television screen collects dust easily
4. If you roll over in bed you can sometimes see small sparks between the sheets
5. Sellotape and cling film sticking to everything
6. Getting a small electric shock from a cat that has rolled on a synthetic carpet
7. In a thunder storm there are huge flashes of lightning
8. An electrostatic dust collector in a chimney.
9. Paint sprays can be charged and the object they are spraying earthed to attract the paint towards it.
10. Photocopiers use a charged sheet to attract fine carbon powder
11. Charge build up when emptying oil tankers or refuelling planes

© Keith Gibbs 2009